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Legal & Compliance Audit

For any business, it is important to carry out periodic audits on the structure and operations of the entity so as to catch problem areas before they cause preventable losses.

Audits vary depending on the size and stage of growth of the company, the type of business, the number of shareholders and employees, the level of regulation to which the organization is subject among others.

Our work is to assess your level of compliance on areas such as employment and labour documentation and policies, health and safety measures, corporate governance, data security, environmental compliance, tax issues, permits and licenses and corporate reporting requirements.


Intellectual Property Law

It is common knowledge that Intellectual Property rights form a solid asset base of most established corporations. Innovations have as such become prime intangible assets that require careful attention and development.

We therefore assist you in protecting your work whether it involves copyrights, industrial designs, patents and or trademarks.

Our work includes completing all the statutory application documents, filing applications and following-up until registration, renewals and attending to any hearings in relation to the validity / registrability of designs. We also prepare and review licensing agreements and advise on infringement issues.


Corporate & Commercial Law

We handle registration of business entities such as business names, local and foreign companies, and registration of entities such as NGOs, PBOs, Trusts, societies and co-operative societies.

We prepare customized commercial agreements and contracts for companies, and also deal with corporate restructuring including preparation of minutes and resolutions, design joint ventures agreements, conduct due diligence on mergers and acquisitions, and general advice on investment transactions.

We also prosecute and defend clients in all aspects of corporate law.


Conveyancing & Real Estate

Whether you are an individual, a company, a chama or a real estate developer, our considerable experience in the Kenyan real estate market allows us to painlessly walk you through the process, be it buying, selling, leasing or renting developed and undeveloped properties, or commercial landlord and tenant matters.


Employment & Labour Law

We assist you in ensuring that all your employment contracts are per the law, and all your responsibilities under Kenyan labour laws are observed. We shall also advise you on the best solutions whenever issues arise, including representing you at the Employment and Labour Relations Court.



We give advice and general consultancy services on the public procurememnt law in Kenya as per the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act of 2015 and the Regulations, advice clients on AGPO, represent clients in review and debarment proceedings, handle procurement disputes & give legal advice at the contract and implementation stage.


Children, Family & Succession Law

With a good dose of sensitivity and empathy, we will help you through custody, maintenance, divorce and inheritance matters.


Banking & Finance

This covers perfection of securities for financial institutions such as charges, discharges, debentures and chattels mortgages. We represent you to ensure that the documents are drafted properly, and the security is properly registered to ensure swift disbursement of funds.


Pro Bono

At Ogera Law, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the community. Through our Pro Bono practice we fulfill our ethical and professional responsibility to make our services easily accessible to those who cannot afford full legal representation.